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Hello I’m Priscilla.  I created REGROW remineralizating tooth powder to help people heal their cavities and gums.  I have been a seeker of a natural way to healing cavities and gums at an early age from having watched my mom suffer with her first dentures in her 50s.  Back then, she listened to a dentist’s recommendation to extract the rest of her healthy teeth including her beautiful upper front teeth because that was what her insurance allowed for.   It was all she could afford, so she got full upper dentures.  Later in her 60’s, her gums had receded so much that her dentist showed me how her back molar was wiggling in its socket so much and recommended extracting it and the rest of her few good teeth to get full lower dentures.  She has been in full upper and lower dentures since her 60’s.  She is in her 90’s now and not a day goes by without her complaining about how she can’t eat something unless it’s chopped small and cooked to a mush. She lives with me so it’s a daily reminder for me to help others before they go down that path.  I believe that having healthy teeth and gums is a key to overall health.

As an adult, I suffered from having large (what I now feel was unnecessary) fillings that so weakened my enamel that it led to a root canal.   I also suffered from receding gums and sensitive teeth.  I became concerned that I might lose my teeth as my mom did in her 50’s and 60’s, or best case scenario of having root canals and dental implants like I’ve seen with my relatives.

When I had children, I was further inspired to find a way to heal cavities naturally.  I didn’t want my children to suffer from having their teeth traumatized and weaken from drilling and filling with toxic materials which would be the beginning of the drill, fill and implant downward spiral.  I want them to have healthy teeth for life.  I believe we can do better than the current standard of dental care.  I desperately want them to avoid the drill, fill and implant route.  Then after a second tooth cracked from an old filling, I was determined to find another solution.  With that as my goal, I spent years searching and studying and finally found a method that works!

I am happy to report that my cracked tooth has remineralized, receding gums are recovering, and that my teeth are no longer sensitive to hot and cold.  My daughters’ brown cavities remineralized to its pretty white enamel. My husband’s receding gums are growing back and he no longer has sensitive teeth.  I started telling family and friends and anyone who would listen. The results they are experiencing are truly astonishing. I am passionate to share this with the world. My mission is to help those who are asking for a natural method to heal their cavities and gums and keep their teeth forever to succeed.  Please join our facebook support group.









I want to help my mom to spreading the word about this method of supporting teeth remineralizing because it helped me reverse my cavities.








I am happy that my daughter is using my experience as an inspiration to help others.

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